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kennen ultimate

His passive, Mark of the Storm, is placed on a champion whenever they are hit by one of Kennen's spells. At three stacks of Mark of the Storm,  ‎ Description · ‎ Abilities · ‎ Competitive Usage. A new League of Legends video! Today, I'll be playing Kennen, The Heart of the Tempest. Kennens Fähigkeiten fügen den Gegnern ein Mal des Sturms für 6 Sekunden hinzu. Kumuliert ein Gegner 3 Male des Sturms, dann wird er 1 Sekunde betäubt. Fixed a bug where Slicing Maelstrom could hit the same target every 0. Choosing between them affects the strengths Kennen brings to the table: Item Wise Doran's Blade Spielbank bielefeld helps in sustain. Take care about his flash pull, react fast or die trying. Fixed a bug in the tooltip where the stun duration was 1. It's comboing things with his ult that costs more energy. Zone him out of the farm Dodge the axes and damage him with W proc damage. Do they have a special item like hexdrinker or zhonya? He found that the role of the Heart of the Tempest suited him, frenetically delivering both the word and the punishments of the Kinkou across the realm. Won't happen Normal Game: If you are your team's main engager, you could go in and Zhonya to not be CC'ed or bursted out. It seems fair for me , the author of this guide to know why you disliked the guide. Cleanse - This one is actually quite good for Kennen if you don't plan on getting him defensive items. Use stuns quiet often to deny his cs. With the changes to the brushes, Caitlyn will now take full control of all three brushes with her traps. Comment below rating threshold, click here to show it. DO NOT GET HIT WITH HIS Q EARLY ON. I selected more health and armor overall since his Lightning Rush gives him both magic resist, and armor. Game Info Champions Items Minions Monsters Summoner Spells Patch Notes Miscellaneous.

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Kennen ultimate Dieser Artikel braucht möglicherweise Verbesserungen um den League of Legends Wiki Qualitätsstandards zu entsprechen. If he jumps on you, EQW him to stun her and continue with some AA. Kennen is a wonderful thunder-ninja who does incredible damage, yet who needs some survivability. This means you can games of ipad a gank even if you run out of energy because Kennen's ultimate doesn't cost any energy. Try to be aggressive on him, he is not that good under tower farmer. Teamfights are really good if you have your ultimate up, if not try to splitpush until it's back. However some cases Q is better like for mau login if you are zoned out of your farm.
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He's wonderful in team fights, and can be dangerous on his own if used correctly. Leaguepedia Articles Volunteer Twitter YouTube Forums Contributor Portal Staff Noticeboard Contact Leaguepedia. After that, activate your Slicing Maelstrom and follow it up with a Electrical Surge , preferably when they are very low on health. You're giving them 3 seconds to escape your ulti. The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. Take Advantage of the brush and don't let him do it. Care he damages a lot with his ultimate Care about his passive, Pop it out before you burst him a second time.

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